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Update 7: April 22, 2024

Another update...and yes, I updated the layout, AGAIN. I think that this is the last layout update. I'm perfectly fine with this, I have it exactly the way I want it, and it's not extremely annoying to me. I was going for a 90s website layout type thing, and I think it worked well. Yes, I used tables... I no longer use a seperate style sheet for the CSS and it's not extremely complicated, like it used to be for me. Though, my HTML files look really long and cluttered now... Oh well, that's the fun of it, isn't it? I didn't get to update any of the pages of my characters yet, since I am way too lazy to update the layout on every single one of them, I already spent alot of time updating the main parts of the site.

Besides the whole layout thing, I have another, indirect update. I am probably going to start updating my diary more. I feel like I completely abandonded it and I want to add some stuff to it. I also will probably get a little personal too! (Not too personal though. Not sorry if you wanted me to add all my life details in there!) So yeah, I will use my diary to you know, talk about stupid things. You know, things about my crush, and stupid things my friends and I did at school. Just basic teenage girl diary entries. I'm also looking forward to making more art and music to put on the site too, so look out for those!

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