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Heart-Soda is home to my art, music, and diary entries. I am a teenager, (14!) so the site may not be that good with my horrible coding skills. But hey, It's whatever.

Huge thanks to cinni.net for being a huge inspiration. Without that site, perhaps Heart-Soda wouldn't exist!


I am Meriamelie. I love to code, draw, and listen to music. whenever I'm bored, I resort to one of those things. At times, listening to music isn't enough, I then decide to make the music myself. I often create random songs on BeepBox, JummBox and MilkyTracker. My favourite food is soup. yes, soup. Mainly chicken noodle soup. My favourite animals are owls, cats, snow leopards, wolves and goats! I am really obbsessed with collecting MIDI files and creating them. I have no clue why, it's just an odd obession of mine. During my freetime whenever I'm bored out of my mind, I like to play a game called Chicken Smoothie. I'm active on there all the time!

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Huge thanks to cinni.net for being the main inspiration of the creation of this site and providing me with an amazing layout to use in mid 2022 to early 2024. Without that layout, my website would not of been looking good back then!